HPU Sponsorships

We Need Your Help to Change the World


Average Annual Cost of an
HPU Student-Athlete
  • Tuition & Fees                                      $14,970.00

  • Lodging (Room)                                   $ 5,400.00

  • Nutrition (Board)                                 $ 3,200.00

  • Books                                                    $ 1,200.00

  • Fees                                                       $ 1,500.00

  • Misc.                                                     $ 3,000.00

Total Cost
Per Year:       $29,270.00

Your corporate sponsorship will help us achieve our goal. With your generous support, we fund scholarships for future leaders. We can invest in the very people who make us great - our faculty and our staff. We can create professorships and recruit outstanding faculty and staff who will enlighten, challenge, and prepare our students to lead successful and impactful lives.

By joining this sponsorship campaign, you join me and the entire HPU community in building a future that is greatly needed for positive change in higher education.