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Biblical Studies / Theology

The Biblical Studies degree program offers Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  The major includes Bible and Theology courses which prepare students to minister in a local church, church-related context, or other ministry-related fields. This degree provides the necessary foundation for continued studies in graduate school or seminary.

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Christian Education

Teacher Education program helps future teachers model Christian ethics through positive relationships and effective pedagogy in today’s classrooms. The program prepares students for teaching in parochial elementary, middle, or high schools. HPU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education with two areas of emphasis from which to choose: Elementary Education and Physical Education (Non-Teaching)

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Christian Coaching

If you like to help others tap into their full potentials, grow spiritually, build their confidence, have a more meaningful life, and hold them accountable to achieve what they really want to do or be in life, then coaching is for you. Jesus was a Coach to His disciples; He taught them, guided them, encouraged and directed them on how to fulfill the goal of God’s Kingdom and be overcomers despite all the adversities they faced. This program offers 2 areas of emphasis (Life Coaching Emphasis or Sports & Fitness Emphasis) that will help you to identify your niche in coaching in order to be able to help others in their journey to success and the fulfillment of their goals and God’s plan for their lives. HPU students in the Christian Coaching Degree Program will receive hands-on training with the Gulf-Atlantic Christian Athletic Alliance and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

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Christian Leadership & Management

The B.A. in Leadership and Management offers two areas of emphasis from which to choose:

  1. Business Emphasis: If God is calling you to be a light for him in the business world, we are ready to help equip you to be all that God wants for you. When you graduate from HPU with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Management, you will be able to explain, integrate, and apply foundational business knowledge in a Christian work environment. The curriculum equips the student with business and administration skills, while also providing a solid biblical foundation for Christian influence in the workplace.

  2. Sport Emphasis: If God is calling you to be a leader or manager in the area of sports and athletics, HPU offers the Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management with a Sport Management Emphasis. You will study the worldwide appeal and importance of a Faith-Based sports management field, as well as the moral and ethical implications of sports policy and strategies. Your courses will include Sports Leadership, Sports Ethics, Sports Marketing, Facilities Management, and hands-on training with the Gulf-Atlantic Christian Athletic Alliance and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

There is also a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management. Students completing the B.A. in Leadership and Management may continue on to pursue the M.A. . The M.A. degree program also has two degree emphasis options, (Business Emphasis or Sport Emphasis.)

Business Presentation

Christian Counseling

The Counseling degree opens doors to a diverse group of social service fields focused on improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. Counseling helps individuals understand human behavior and enhances interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills. HPU’s program integrates social and behavioral science with the Christian faith. Graduates from this program are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level jobs in social services. This degree also prepares students for graduate training in mental health and social service fields, including the Master’s in Counseling at HPU University.

The B.S. in Christian Counseling offers several emphasis options including: General Psychology emphasis, Organizational Psychology emphasis. and Sports Psychology emphasis.

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Practical Ministry

The M.A. in Practical Ministry is a degree  program for the adult student (21 years of age or older). Student have 3 paths to choose from (Pastoral Ministries Emphasis, Youth Ministries Emphasis, Sports & Recreational Ministries Emphasis)

Adult students have great potential to lead churches and other Christian ministries for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom. The Practical Ministry degree equips students with sound training in Bible, theology, and the leadership of Christian ministries.

Ministry Internships

We believe that practical, hands-on field experience is an essential part of ministry preparation. Each student in the online Ministry Leadership degree is required to complete an internship. This internship is 14 weeks during the fall, spring, or summer sessions with a requirement of eight hours a week at the church and one hour a week with a mentor at the church.

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