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Christian Leadership

The B.A. in Leadership offers two areas of emphasis from which to choose:

  1. Business Emphasis: If God is calling you to be a light for him in the business world, we are ready to help equip you to be all that God wants for you. When you graduate from HPU with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership, you will be able to explain, integrate, and apply foundational business knowledge in a work environment. The curriculum equips the student with business and administration skills, while also providing a solid biblical foundation for Christian influence in the workplace.

  2. Sports Emphasis: If God is calling you to be a leader or manager in the area of sports and athletics, HPU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership with a Sports Emphasis. You will study the worldwide appeal and importance of a Faith-Based sport management field, as well as the moral and ethical implications of sport policy and strategies. Your courses will include Sports Leadership, Sports Ethics, and Sports Marketing and Facilities Management. JMU students in this field will be involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Gulf-Atlantic Christian Athletic Alliance. 

There is also a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management. Students completing the B.A. in Leadership and Management may continue on to pursue the M.A. . The M.A. degree program also has two degree emphasis options, (Business Management Emphasis or Sport Management Emphasis.)

HPU Christian Leadership and Management Bachelor's Degree Core Course Requirements
36 hours - General Education Courses (Click here to view required Gen. Ed. Requirements)
42 hours - Religious Education Courses (Click here to view required R.E. Requirements)
42 hours - Core Courses ( See Core Requirements Below)

  • ACCT 202 - Intro to Managerial Accounting

    • Basic understanding of the concepts and methods of financial accounting. Emphasis on the knowledge necessary for the completion of the accounting cycle, income measurement, and financial statement preparation. Topics include accounting assets, liabilities, and owners' equity as well as related ethical issues.​

  • BLAW310 - Legal Environment

    • Introduction to the dynamic legal, economic, and social/Political world in which business entities operate, including the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, contracts, torts, employment law, business organizations, ethical and global factors.​

  • FNAN 300 - Business Finance

    • Development and application of theories and principles of finance for incorporated and unincorporated businesses.

  • MGMT 320 - Management of Organizations

    • Study of management fundamentals and concepts by lecture and case method with emphasis on organizational behavior. Includes processes, structure, development of, and behavior in organizations.

  • MGMT 382 - Human Resources Management

    • Recruitment, selection, training, evaluation, compensation, and development of human resources in organizations.

  • MGMT 401 - Ethical Decision Making

    • A study of domestic and global ethical issues in functional areas of business, foundations for decision making, individual and cultural consciousness, and integrity.

  • MGMT 425 - International Management

    • Focuses on Christian global management concepts and processes.

  • MGMT 490 - Strategic Management

    • Integration of all areas of Business Administration with a focus on diversified and multi-business organizations.

  • MKTG 345 - Principles of Marketing

    • Emphasis on the identification of target markets and the development and implementation of marketing strategies related to products, channels of distribution, promotion, and pricing.

  • MKTG 375 - Marketing Research

    • Study design, sample selection, data collection, statistical analysis, and interpretation and application of results.

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective