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Christian Coaching

If you like to help others tap into their full potentials, grow spiritually, build their confidence, have a more meaningful life, and hold them accountable to achieve what they really want to do or be in life, then coaching is for you. Jesus was a Coach to His disciples; He taught them, guided them, encouraged and directed them on how to fulfill the goal of God’s Kingdom and be overcomers despite all the adversities they faced. This program offers 2 areas of emphasis (Life Coaching Emphasis or Sports & Fitness Emphasis) that will help you to identify your niche in coaching in order to be able to help others in their journey to success and the fulfillment of their goals and God’s plan for their lives. 

HPU Christian Coaching Bachelor's Degree Core Course Requirements
36 hours - General Education Courses (Click here to view required Gen. Ed. Requirements)
42 hours - Religious Education Courses (Click here to view required R.E. Requirements)
42 hours - Major Core Courses ( See Core Requirements Below)

  • HLTH 102 - Introduction to Healthy Lifestyles

    • Developing personal health, wellness, and positive change. Topics include health information, current health issues, political/cultural issues, political/cultural influences, and personal perceived barriers to healthy lifestyle change.​

  • HLTH 110 - Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness

    • Core concepts, responsibilities, and competencies for health education specialists.​​

  • HLTH 218 - Drugs and Society

    • Historical, social, physiological, and legal aspects of drugs in our society.​

  • HLTH 405 - Nutrition for Sports & Fitness

    • Nutritional requirements and physiological development for fitness and sports.​

  • HLTH 410 - World Heath Issues

    • Explore, analyze,  and evaluate global health issues and health care.​

  • HLTH 412 - Health and Sexuality

    • Topics specific to the physiological, emotional, and social components of human sexuality.​

  • HLTH 440 - Health Program Planning

    • Systematic investigation of health promotion programs including assessment, implementation and evaluation. Graduate-level project under the direction of graduate faculty.​

  • HLTH 451 - Stress Management

    • Analysis of causative and psycho-social stresses, intervening physiological mechanism, and prevention and control.​

  • HLTH 452 - Epidemiology

    • History, distribution and patterns of diseases, causes, disease outbreaks, disease surveillance and influences in different populations.​

  • MGMT 320 - Management of Organizations

    • Study of management fundamentals and concepts by lecture and case method with emphasis on organizational behavior. Includes processes, structure, development of, and behavior in organizations.​

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective